Child care

Parent’s Guide: Lactose Intolerance in Children

Lactose Intolerance in children can be managed by taking a few simple steps. Parents need to plan the child's diet to ensure good health.
Habiba A. Khan
3 min read

بچوں میں گیس کا علاج

ہاضمے کے اعضاء میں گیس کا موجود ہونا ایک نارمل سی حالت ہے۔ کیا بچے اور کیا بڑے ہر کسی کے معدے اور انتڑیوں...
Habiba A. Khan
11 sec read

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the…

Making your baby sleep is one of the hardest tasks new parents face. So here are our tips to help you out!
Habiba A. Khan
3 min read

Speech Delay In Kids: Q And A With Ms.…

Several mothers complain of their kids not being able to form proper sentences and even words up to 3 or 4 years of age....
Mehrunnisa Qasim
1 min read

Less Than 10 Percent Of Kids In Pakistan Have…

According to the nutritional wing of the Ministry of National Health Services (NHS) nearly 80 percent of children between the ages of six months...
3 min read