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Injury and Nerve Pain

Asked for Male, 27 years

In Feb 2016, I had a groin injury while playing football. I just chalked up that injury for sore muscle and continued to train. Due to overworking, i had another injury in my hips (nerve pain) in time groin injury healed but the other persistent. I had also done MRI IN 2015 which didn't result in anything. Any suggestion on what I can do now

Responses (1)
Dr. Beenish Ehsan
General Physician - Karachi

Dear Patient,

Im so sorry to hear that. Kindly describe the kind of pain you are experiencing in your hips if anything helps it subside or worsens it, if there's any swelling, redness or tingling and numbness; kindly answer these questions so we can guide you more.

For further help, we recommend checking with one of the
best urologists in Lahore and seek a piece of in-person advice at https://oladoc.com/pakistan/lahore/urologist

You can seek further professional help from the below recommended Specialists:

Dr.Irfan Ahmed
Urologist, Uro-Oncologist
Dr.Fawad Nasrullah
Andrologist, Urologist
Dr.Safdar Khan
Dr.Shamim Hashim

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