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Asked for Female, 30 years

I feel tired 24/7 I don't do any work but feel tired all the time. The only problem is I am obese, my ideal weight should be 45 but my present weight is 84 and had 3 C sections.

Responses (1)
General Physician - Karachi

Dear Patient,

How much was the gap between each of your pregnancies? Did you take any prenatal and postnatal vitamins? If not then please take fefolvit tablets once a day and CAC-1000 once a day for 6wks. Take these at least four hrs apart. Brisk walk for at least 20-30 mins daily. Hydrate a lot with water n detox juices
If you still feel lethargic then a dietitian can help you with a good diet plan.

For further help, we recommend checking with one of the
best nutritionists in Lahore and seek a piece of in-person advice at

You can seek help from the doctors listed below:

Dietitian, Nutritionist
Dietitian, Nutritionist
Nutritionist, Dietitian
Dietitian, Nutritionist

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