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Beat the Heat in 7 Simple Ways!

Dr. Huma Anjum

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Summers in Pakistan bring with them a plethora of seasonal delicacies and the much-awaited summer vacations. However, rapidly soaring temperatures and the ever-increasing humidity (or lack thereof) can put a damper on things, making the following daily tips all the more necessary to help beat the heat and get the most out of this sunny weather:

1- Lights Out:

Unbeknownst to most, the smallest of light bulbs can contribute towards indoor temperatures by producing significant amounts of heat. So opt for natural light sources over artificial ones during daylight hours, and switch to fluorescent bulbs and tubes to reduce heat emission by 70 %.

2- Fan Corrections:

Facing bracket fans towards open windows at nighttime can ventilate and cool down a room, while hanging strips of damp cloth or placing a shallow bowl of ice water in the fan’s direction can significantly lower room temperatures. Moreover, AC users may benefit more from using it simultaneously with a fan, as the fan helps evaporate sweat from your body, while the air conditioner reduces humidity in the air.

3- Window Solutions:

Although utilizing natural light during daytime is highly advised, direct sunlight can increase room temperatures by 10-20 degrees. For this purpose, tint your windows or install reflective film; while remembering to open opposing windows at night for optimum cross ventilation and air flow.

4- Dress Light:

Wear light-colored and loose, breathable clothing (preferably cotton) to wick moisture from the skin and help you take advantage of any breeze in the air, along with ample application of broad spectrum (SPF 15 or above) sunscreen. Moreover, remember to drink water multiple times a day before you feel thirsty, as it indicates that you’re already dehydrated.

5- Car Cooling:

Cool your sun-warmed car by rolling down the window on one side while slowly opening and closing the door on the other side 5 times. This process helps in removing the accumulated hot air and drawing in cooler air to rapidly reduce internal temperature.

6- Cold Z’s:

Since rice remains cool for longer periods of time due to its high density and starch content, simply place a clean cotton sock filled with rice, tied with twine, and frozen for 2 hours prior to bedtime between your sheets to cool down a hot bed. You can also try sleeping on damp sheets or filling and freezing a hot water bottle for a comfortable night’s sleep amidst frequent power outages.

7- Cooling Points:

Use the laws of thermal regulation to your advantage. Take a cold spritz bottle when you go outside and wet your wrists and neck when you get hot, as it can quickly lower your body temperature by cooling the blood within the veins. Other cooling points include the elbows, groin, ankles, and behind the knees. Alternatively, ice cubes wrapped in cloth can also be applied to these cooling points for the same effect, particularly when indoors.

While the heat shouldn’t get in the way of your summer relaxation, avoid going out during peak sunlight hours i.e. 12pm-4pm. If you observe any signs of a heat-induced health concern, contact a doctor immediately. You can also book an appointment with a top General Physician in Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi through oladoc.com, or call our helpline at 042-3890-0939 for assistance to find the RIGHT Doctor for your health concerns.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are intended to raise awareness about common health issues and should not be viewed as sound medical advice for your specific condition. You should always consult with a licensed medical practitioner prior to following any suggestions outlined in this article or adopting any treatment protocol based on the contents of this article.

Dr. Huma Anjum
Dr. Huma Anjum - Author "Dr. Huma Anjum is a Family Physician based in Lahore. She is member of Pakistan Medical and Dental Councils and can be consulted for a range of medical conditions. Using oladoc, you can book appointment with Dr. Huma."

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