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Health Forum

Asked for Male, 44 years

My husband (44 years old) has always been a heavy snorer. But recently, when he's sleeping it sounds like something's choking him. Why might be this so?

Asked for Male, 45 years

I took a biopsy as I was having a severe and chronic stomach and digestive troubles. Test results showed 'Intestinal Metaplasia', and I read that this might cause stomach cancer in the future. How do I fight this and keep…

Asked for Female, 62 years

Asking for my mother. She is suffering from Arthritis and also has pain in her sacroiliac joint area. What can she do to relieve herself of the pain?

Asked for Male, 11 years

My son developed a wrinkled circle patch inside of his lower lip. His lip was also swollen. Now it is not swollen now but the patch is still there. He hasn’t eaten anything around the time so I think it…

Asked for Female, 22 years

I had my tooth surgically removed because of an abscess. It has been over a week now and the gum around the extracted tooth is still swollen. Is this normal after the procedure?

Asked for Female, 23 years

I am a female 23 years old. I have large and open pores on both of my cheeks. Please tell a natural remedy to close and tighten the pores?

Asked for Female, 3 years

Asking for a three year old daughter. She is having a high temperature and is not able to keep anything inside. She even throws up liquid. What should I do?

Asked for Male, 34 years

I am a male 34 years old with a history of migraine. For the last 4 days, I have had a ringing noise in my left ear and the whole left side of my head is hurting. It is a…

Asked for Male, 58 years

I am male 58 years old. I have been on hemodialysis for the past 6 months. About 1 hour after dialysis my voice gets very weak as if I am about to lose it, I also get hot and feel…

Asked for Female, 23 years

I am a female school teacher 23 years old. Periodically I break out in hives, and I'm not sure why. This is very worrisome for me as I have to interact with children. What precautions can I take against hives?

Asked for Female, 29 years

My wife 29 years old have headaches/migraines for about 2 years now. The frequency of them varies from anywhere between once every few months to twice a week. We have gone to several doctors and neurologists and have tried all…

Asked for Female, 21 years

Asking for my daughter for 21 years. Her temperature oscillates when she is sick from 102+ to 95 and back and forth. What should I do? Is this cause of some underlying disease? Please guide, I am very worried about…

Asked for Male, 64 years

Asking for my father 64 years old. He complains about for aching, tingling, numbness and itching in hands and arms. What could be the cause of this?

Asked for Female, 26 years

I was having recurrent stomach pains and have been using Dexilant for my gastrointestinal pains. For the past few days, I am having severe diarrhea. Can you suggest some meds which don’t contradict with my present medicine?

Asked for Female, 28 years

I am 28 years old female. I have low blood pressure issue but I am experiencing stabbing chest pains and shortness of breath these days. This happens about 6 times a day. What can I do?

Asked for Female, 26 years

I am male 26 years old. My hands are itching, swollen red and tender. It is especially bad after travel. What should I do?

Asked for Male, 33 years

I perforated my eardrum a month and a half ago. I took antibiotics for six weeks but the infection was still there. Now I am using steroid drops and antibiotics but there is ringing in my ear. I am very…

Asked for Female, 27 years

I got treated of my thyroid problems in the recent past. Now I noticed that when I wake up my pillow has a lot of hair on it. When I comb it has also hair in it. Overall I think…

Asked for Female, 46 years

I have been on dialysis for quite few time. Recently I am having pain and stiffness in my joints. I have often tingly and numbness feeling in my right hand. Can you tell me of some test to know for…

Asked for Female, 26 years

I am at the start of my third trimester. My cheeks are puffy and neck is swollen. I have difficulty swallowing my food. I feel weak and have headaches. Please recommend a treatment which does not have a negative effect…

Health Forum

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