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Health Forum

Asked for Female, 39 years

I am PCOS patient. my age is 39, weight is 55kg.i am facing severe hairfall issue since last 8 months and my hair became very rough and brittle.i consulted endocrinologist and dermatologist but my issue remained same.Endocrinologist did not recommend…

Asked for Male, 1 year

Hi, Dr. My baby is 3 months old. He shakes or I can say vibrate his legs for few seconds and then stop it What's the reason? Plz guide?

Asked for Female, 22 years problem is thinning of hair ...severe hair fall with yellow sebum balls stuck in nails with also got split ends even with minor length...tried all the home remedies,oils ,aloe,lemon but no benefit My age is 23 years old

Asked for Female, 25 years

I am having Red puffy spots under my eyes from several days, which cause itching as well. please, Guidance is needed.

Asked for Female, 30 years

A 30-year female known case of rheumatoid arthritis since 2years. She is on follow up by rheumatologist since then, she was on methotrexate 10mg initially but now it is tapered off to 2.5 mg, since 2 weeks she complained of…

Asked for Male, 26 years

I have pain in stomach from last saturday, the pain starts after I eat or drink something and goes away when I go to toilet for stools. Stools are OK no loose motion but the little pain is always there…

Asked for Male, 9 years

My son age 9 problem of vomiting .and all the time he complains about a feeling of vomiting.plz suggest.

Asked for Female, 27 years

There is a rotten (fishy smell) from my Vagina after intercourse. No discharge problem other than that no smell problem normally only after intercourse I smell so bad its so embarrassing for me. Please help me out I can't visit…

Asked for Male, 33 years

Any solution for these reddish spots? Please guide

Asked for Female, 1 year

My 13-month-old daughter weighing 11.5 kg has diarrhea from a month. I tried everything, gave zincate syrup with probiotics enterogermina but she still pooped 4,5 times a day. Now her doctor changed her formula milk from Morinaga to Similac isomil…

Asked for Female, 26 years

My pregnant friend having white smelly discharge from her belly button what could be the reason?

Asked for Female, 1 year

My daughter is 3 months old MashaAllah She has flu and cough Using normal saline drops but she coughs a lot while sleeping Please guide what can be done for the cough

Asked for Female, 22 years

I get bruises on both of my legs without any injury. I have had blood tests done and they came out normal. Doctor has prescribed me multi-vitamin syrup. The problem is still persisting. My legs ache all the time. I…

Asked for Female, 1 year

Plz anyone guied me its common concept that the baby who drinks milk they should not eat fish or after eating fish we should not drink milk bcz it cause it safe to give fish under 16month and 4…

Asked for Female, 33 years

Whenever I do wazu, and take water in my mouth, my gums start bleeding. And right after completing my wazu, it gets back to normal... It has been happening since last week. EVERY SINGLE TIME I do wazu. Whereas, there…

Asked for Female, 28 years

I was diagnosed with hypertension in 9th month o my pregnancy and was on aldomet 2 times a day.. My bp become normal after delivery. Yesterday after 3 months of delivery my head was too heavy I checked bp again…

Asked for Female, 26 years

A female female age 26 often got sore throat & pharyngitis which even effects her ears. She often realize that whenever she takes dry fruit, pomegranate juice & spinach she got sore throat as if she take just one kernel…

Asked for Female, 22 years

It's been 2 weeks that my complexion (face, hands, feet n every part) is getting dull and dark day by day, I do use sunblock n try to take care of it but its only getting worse. lashes r falling…

Asked for Female, 45 years

My mother is 45 years old and obese, unhe ulcer hai n very severe knee pain but from few months there are blood clots in her legs and hands kindly tell me whats the treatment and medication for her? its…

Asked for Female, 17 years

My daughter 17 years old is having severe headache.. The headache starts right after she wakes up and gets better with a tablet of nimesulide. What is the reason and treatment??

Health Forum

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