Digestive health

Everything you need to know about Flagyl in Pakistan

Flagyl is a commonly prescribed medicine in Pakistan that can treat a variety of conditions including UTI's to GI tract infections. Read on to...
Habiba A. Khan
5 min read

Common Stomach Problems: Q And A With Dr. Mujahid…

Stomach problems are one of the most medical conditions in Pakistan, mainly due to unhygienic conditions and poor lifestyle choices. To inquire more about...
Mehrunnisa Qasim
2 min read

The Prevalence of Tuberculosis in Pakistan

Every year thousands of people lose their life to tuberculosis (TB) in Pakistan. The disease load of tuberculosis is as high 0.4 million in...
Maida (Ex. Editor)
1 min read

Antibiotic-Resistance Is a Growing Concern: Less Is More

Pakistan is already faced with a myriad of health concerns, and a new one is on the horizon. With increase in irresponsible use of...
Maida (Ex. Editor)
1 min read

Gastrointestinal Issues That Most Pakistanis Face

Let’s face it, the eating habits of most of our countrymen are not particularly healthy. Add to that the propensity to not exercise, have...
Maida (Ex. Editor)
1 min read