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Health Forum

Asked for Male, 37 years

This started about two weeks ago. I feel tightness in my chest and pain originating from it towards the shoulder. I feel nausea sometimes too. This all happens rarely and goes away on its own. I wanted to ask Should…

Asked for Male, 18 years

My brother 18-year-old has a hair problem. There is a noticeable reduction in his hair volume as everybody noticed this. He also faces itching on his scalp. He is using head&shoulders. Please suggest any cream, shampoo or medicines, anything to…

Asked for Male, 8 years

My son is 8 years old his front teeth fell off and the new one came is half at the back and only little is visible what could be the reason of not full eruption of teeth. It’s been 6…

Asked for Female, 26 years

I went through second abortion in November. from November I have a gastric issue... especially during night and when I wake up for namaz it's really tough to carry the wazu. please guide is it fine?

Asked for Female, 49 years

My mom frequently gets boils inside the nose Last month also she had high-grade fever with it so had to be given profacin 1 gm injection twice with oral augmentin She does not have diabetes but have a thyroid issue…

Asked for Male, 73 years

I need to ask on someone behalf that a person age 73 sugar patient, has been taken Glucophage and he is out of country someone told him to use Syzygium jambolanum a homeopathic medicine to control sugar that…

Asked for Female, 35 years

I have been diagnosed with otosclerosis in left ear. Kindly tell me how to get rid of buzzing sounds in the ear, it irritates too much.

Asked for Female, 26 years

Taking antidepressants for a long period of time like continously for 7 months have any side effect? Can one take it for this period of time?

Asked for Male, 28 years

I'm Suffering from Mumps (swelling in right Salivary glands) from last two days. It Appears in Sudden within few minutes. High temperature +Pain. I want to ask. is there any Cure of it or it will go away on its…

Asked for Female, 27 years

Salam, I'm 21weeks+preg suffering from a dry cough since a week it leads to cramps on my tummy sometimes it hurts a lot need, plus having itching from last night on the whole body with red patches

Asked for Female, 7 years

I would like to know on behalf of someone else Her daughter is 7 years old and has eyesight checkup Readings are minus 8 and minus 9 What does that mean? And will it get better with the use of…

Asked for Male, 57 years

Asking for my father who was diagnosed with Buerger disease. Later infection occurred and now the doctor is recommending Amputation treatment. I want to know is this really the only treatment option available?

Asked for Male, 42 years

I have been under treatment for my blepharitis for about one and a half week. Now I don't feel like eating and lost weight. I also have tingling in my hands and arm, this come and goes. Is this something…

Asked for Female, 34 years

My mother is using Doxazosin for her hypertension. But she says she feel dizzy when she stands after sitting for long time. Her weight has increased quite a lot. I am very concerned about her symptoms. Please suggest what she…

Asked for Female, 15 years

My daughter is 15 years old. She is overweight and trying to reduce her weight. I am worried that she is reducing it in a poor way; Starving. I want to help her but she won’t listen to my advice.…

Asked for Female, 37 years

I started to have muscle pain, tender joints and felt fatigue about a month ago. Then I could not sleep properly. So, I visited my GP he said it was Fibromyalgia. I have taken the prescribed medicines for a week…

Asked for Male, 34 years

I have been sick with a cough, cold and high temperature. Now I think there is blood in my urine and stool. What should I do? I am really worried about my health especially the blood.

Asked for Female, 35 years

Asking for my wife 35 years old suffering from Urinary tract infection. She also has a pelvic pain issue. Please suggest the diet, exercise or any natural way to help her during the treatment.

Asked for Male, 29 years

I am a programmer by profession. Recently I am having a strain on my eyes. My head ache and pounds like a beating heart, especially when I lay down to sleep. Can you recommend some drops for eyes and a…

Asked for Female, 23 years

I have chronic stomach issues. Every once a week I have episodes of bloating, nausea and vomiting which comes and goes without any known reason. What could be this and treatment should I seek?

Health Forum

by oladoc & Sehat Kahani

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