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Health Forum

Asked for Male, 1 year

What can be the cause of the late development of teeth in infants? the infant is 13 months old only showing signs of teething. He is fussy and crying and has very low appetite also. Vit D drops are given daily as prescribed by a doctor. Is there any medication or treatment to fasten the appearance of teeth one small tooth is showing but has not yet fully grown out of gums. The child has a fever and sometimes lose motions also. Plz, advice.

Asked for Female, 27 years

My wife got these rashes/ scars exactly in the same pattern of her mehndi design on her wrists and back of hands. She applied Wiwid lotion to sooth but of no use.

Asked for Male, 1 year

Aoa my 1 year old baby is having loose motions (4-5 times a day)for last two days. He is on bf only. Have just observed little traces of blood in the poop. Baby is otherwise active and taking normal feed.

Asked for Male, 32 years

I'm having issues with my digestive system, whenever I eat food it creates too much gas and heartburn and sometimes abdominal discomfort. I'm facing this issue since past three months or so.please also note that I am a bit overweight but I regularly do some adnominal exercises plus I go for walk post dinner for good like one hour on daily basis. Further, I have also reduced food intake very much and lost 6 kgs weight during this period.

Asked for Male, 1 year

My 10 months old baby has this thing on his left leg. Its almost there for a month and is expanding. Initially, it was a small patch (almost half than the current size) like an aggravated, inflamed, and rough patch (like eczema). Now it looks more like a wound or scratched skin as in the picture. Can a doctor please suggest to me what to do? Should I take him to his pediatrician? And what precautions should I take?

Asked for Female, 26 years

I am having very frequent urination from past 1 month there is no burning itching or any pain but only frequent urination like I have to go after every half an hour

Asked for Female, 25 years

Assalam o Alaikum Dear doctor, I had c sec and myomectomy about six weeks before. can I do pelvic floor and kegel exercise? and what about Lesli walk. Thank you.

Asked for Female, 27 years

Aoa I want to know I pedicure twice a week and apply alphaderm fairness cream on my feet but still my feet are very tan and double patched and knuckle of fingers are very dry and sole texture is very dry and rough. Not much exposure to sun I use to wear socks whenever I go out but still its not working..kindly suggest me what to do now?

Asked for Male, 34 years

Hi, Since ramzan, I have started getting sleepy around 11-12AM. I have a regular sleep of 7-8 hours. Whenever I try to read a book or use a laptop I sometimes can't even keep my eyes open. And with a little activity, the sleepy feeling is somehow gone but comes back immediately I start reading again. Any tests doc recommends or what may be the cause?

Asked for Male, 32 years

Dear Sir, A married 32 yrs, and a diabetic. My concern related to ED. I have been on medication for the last 1 year and sugar is under control mostly but still facing ED. 1. I have noticed that I do not feel any blood flow towards Penis whatever the case may be. Say sex or even a video cannot make it erect. PDE5 helps me get an erection but it will not last long for more than 2 min IF NO INTERCOURSE WITHIN 2 MIN. 3. If intercourse, face PE. Fedup with this. Please help. Recently married.

Asked for Female, 1 year

Plz, suggest me something my one year baby girl leg have a bump with little bit itching, no fever only hard skin.

Asked for Female, 31 years

What are the causes of pain in heels whenever I wake up and walk I feel pain in heel especially in the left one? Have 2 kids with c-section, No other disease

Asked for Female, 2 years

My daughter is 2.5 years old. From last 2 days, she has these red spots on cheeks, chin, etc. These are heat rash. Please help what I should I use?

Asked for Female, 14 years

My daughter is 14 years old and her hair getting white, please advice?

Asked for Female, 27 years

Salam. I wanted to ask that I am observing abnormal heartbeat when I breathe in or out, my heart beats very hard, not continuous but after every minute or so. It happened before as well as 5-6 times. Its been 7 to 8 hours i am having this issue.

Asked for Female, 2 years

Aoa Respected Dr's, Can anyone guide me at what age the toddler should not be given milk at night? I got twin baby girls & my dr. advised me not to give them milk at night while sleeping. if I don't give them milk they start crying?

Asked for Female, 30 years

I am PCOS patient with history of irregular periods. Last month I didn’t get any period. I consulted with doctor and she instead of giving any medicine advised me to wait more for periods. Just before the end of the 2nd month, I got my periods with light black bleeding initially and converted to brown later on. Since last 9 days, there is continuous bleeding , which is more than my normal 5 days period. My question is, Is there something to worry about or it. I'm married and no kids.

Asked for Male, 3 years

My son 3 and a half. 1 month before had loose motions. Dr. stopped his cow milk as there was an issue of lactose. He also forbids not to add sugar in milk.Caricef; Zinc up OD syrup and Meiji lectoless was prescribed by him. But after one month the situation is the same what would I do now.

Asked for Male, 1 year

My baby 9 Months old has this kind of boils near his right ear. I applied polyfax and it had puss. After a day or 2, it appeared to be healing. Afterwards, he has got the same kind on his head too. Since he is teething so refuses ost of the solid food. Nowadays just eats a banana and a boiled and mashed potato in the whole day. So he is on mother feed and I am fasting. My mother in law says that's because you are fasting and it's nothing to worry about. Is it?

Asked for Female, 19 years

I'm nicotine addicted I want to get rid of it whenever I tried to leave it I found fail myself I'm in sleepless nights I experience more craving moodiness irritability poor concentration depressed mood & body pains coughing all night I don't know what to do plz help me.

Health Forum

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