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12 Foods That Can Help Heal Broken Bones

Dr. Belal Saadat

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Looking for foods to heal broken bones faster? Your bones need to heal and rebuild after a fracture. A diet which is rich in key nutrients can speed up the healing process. Do not self-medicate with supplements unless your doctor prescribes them. It is usually better to get the nutrition you need from food instead of a pill. Our body has a natural process of self-repairing fractured bones, but a good diet can speed up that process and may also reduce the likelihood of fractures in the future. During the healing process, the nutritional demands of our body increases.

Research on the best foods to heal broken bones is constantly being done. New advances in medicinal research are uncovering fascinating ways in which broken bones can be made to regenerate quickly. A recent research conducted by scientists in Lund University, Sweden on rats found a new method to heal bones faster using a bone substitue and drugs. The research was published in the Science Advances journal.

Foods That Can Help Heal Broken Bones Faster

Here’s a list of foods that can help heal broken bones faster:

1- Dairy

Milk, yogurt, and cheese are a good source of vitamin D and calcium, two key nutrients that your body requires for bone strength and growth. If you have a fracture, try to increase the intake of dairy products to speed up the healing process.

2- Soy Milk

Even though dairy milk has a strong reputation for maintaining strong bones and repairing fractures, people who are lactose intolerant can opt for fortified soy milk instead. Fortified soy milk is a good source of calcium and has no lactose. Soy milk does not have cholesterol and is naturally low in saturated fats. Soy milk is also a good source of protein and potassium.

3- Pumpkin Seeds

This Halloween, clean, dry, and roast the pumpkin seeds from your jack-o’-lantern: They’re a good source of magnesium, a mineral that helps the body absorb calcium; it contributes to the strength and firmness of bones, two important factors when you’re trying to heal a fracture. You can toss roasted pumpkin seeds on a salad or munch them alone as a crunchy snack.

4- Bell Peppers

Sweet bell peppers—especially the red ones—are brimming with vitamin C, a nutrient that’s critical for forming collagen, and that’s important when rebuilding bone, says Moore.  Believe it or not, ½ cup of bell peppers actually has more vitamin C than an orange. Cut the peppers into strips and dip them in hummus, or try adding them to a stir-fry or omelet. If you feel like even these do not seem to be helping your bones, then you should contact the best orthopedic surgeon in Karachi for help.

5- Black Beans

If you’re looking to strengthen your bones, find a reason to eat black beans. They’re another good source of magnesium, the mineral that’s crucial to faster skeleton healing. You can put them in a taco salad, a burrito, or feature them in a big pot of chili.

6- Meat

Nearly half of your bone structure is made of protein. Your body needs protein to build new bones for repair after a fracture. It also helps your body use calcium properly. Meat is one of the best sources of protein.

7- Sardines

Sardines are a good source of calcium and vitamin D, the two key nutrients for strengthening the bones.

8- Fatty Fish

Calcium works well only if you get vitamin D too. Fatty fish such as tuna is a good source of vitamin D. Even though calcium is a key nutrient when it comes to healing bones, vitamin D is equally important. Vitamin D keeps stabilizes calcium levels in the blood and plays an important role in bone structure and growth.

9- Kale

Kale is a good source of vitamin K, a vitamin which facilitates calcium-binding activity in the formation of bones.

10- Eggs

There are a few dietary sources of vitamin D and egg is one of them. Moreover, eggs also contain calcium, magnesium, iron, protein, and B vitamins.

11- Grapes

This juicy sweet fruit is filled with vitamin K. In fact, ¾ cup provides 25 percent of your daily value, says Moore. Eat them plain, freeze them for an icy treat, or use as a salad, yogurt, or oatmeal topping.

12- Parsley

This herb is good for more than a garnish—it’s actually an excellent source of vitamin K, says Moore. Make a parsley pesto for an easy and tasty way to consume a lot of it; put the pesto over bone-building veggies or fish from the list above for an extra boost.

13- Poultry 

Specific amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein, play important roles in wound healing and immune function.

Poultry, including chicken and turkey, pack glutamine and arginine, two amino acids that may aid recovery and healing.

Glutamine provides cellular protection during times of stress, such as illness and injury, while arginine assists collagen production and wound healing.

What’s more, arginine is rapidly depleted during times of stress, injury, and illness, making adequate intake of this amino acid all the more important.

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Disclaimer: The contents of this article are intended to raise awareness about common health issues and should not be viewed as sound medical advice for your specific condition. You should always consult with a licensed medical practitioner prior to following any suggestions outlined in this article or adopting any treatment protocol based on the contents of this article.

Dr. Belal Saadat
Dr. Belal Saadat - Author Dr. Belal Saadat is a Orthopedic Surgeon practicing in Lahore. He has M.B.B.S. and F.C.P.S (Ortho) degrees with over 9 years of experience. You can book an appointment with Dr. Belal Saadat by visiting oladoc.
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