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9 Tukh Malanga Benefits (تخم ملنگا) for Your Health

Ms. Asma Zulfiqar

4 min read

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The remarkable Tukh Malanga benefits for your health are hard to ignore. The small-sized black-colored basil seeds can have various benefits for your body. In this article, we will discuss the various tukh malanga benefits in detail.

Tukh Malanga (تخم ملنگا) also known as basil seeds are the seeds of the sweet basil plant. When talking about tukh malanga, don’t judge it by its size. Despite being so small, it can do wonders for your body.

You can get an optimal amount of calcium, iron, and magnesium by consuming just a tablespoon of tukh malanga. Through it, you can get an ample amount of fiber along with antioxidants too.

Tukh Malanga is rich in antioxidants, such as flavonoids. These antioxidants help your body fight against many diseases.

Basil seeds in Urdu are commonly referred to as Tukh Malanga.

Tukh Malanga Benefits

There are several benefits of tukh malanga. It can do wonders for your health and body.

Here are the top 9 Tukh Malanga benefits:

1. Aids Weight Loss

Basil seeds contain an ample amount of fiber. When you consume something having fiber, helps you stay full because your body takes time to digest it.

Moreover, it also contains omega 3 fatty acids and linolenic acid, both compounds beneficial for weight loss.

For losing weight, you can pour Tukh Malanga over fruits such as bananas or put it into a smoothie and consume it.

2. Prevents Diverticulosis

Diverticulosis is a condition when a pouch inside of your intestine protrudes outwards, getting inflamed and infected. Consuming a high fiber diet can help in preventing flare-ups of diverticulosis.

It happens when you consume fiber, it absorbs water, which in turn makes bowel movement easier. Therefore consuming Tukh Malanga helps in preventing its flare as it is rich in fiber.

3. Prevents Heart Diseases

According to researchers, basil seeds help in preventing heart diseases. It keeps your blood pressure controlled.

Moreover, it contains fiber that helps in absorbing excess bad cholesterol in your blood, thereby preventing hypercholesteremia. To maintain your heart health, you must consume an ample amount of Tukh Malanga daily.

4. Lowers Inflammation

Basil seeds, according to some researches, help lower inflammation in the body because it contains an antioxidant called caffeic acid. 

It plays a role in preventing inflammation-related conditions such as obesity, cancers, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

When you consume tukh malanga regularly, it can help lower inflammatory markers get raised when there is an inflammation in your body.

5. Improves Sugar Levels

Tukh Malanga contains fiber. According to researches, consuming fiber can improve your blood sugar levels, hence lowering the chances of diabetes and insulin resistance.

You can eat bread having basil seeds in it for breakfast as it will keep your blood sugar levels well under control throughout the day. But make sure you do not substitute it with your medicines.

If your physician has prescribed you antidiabetic drugs to keep your blood glucose levels in control, you must take them on time and must not replace them with basil seeds.

6. Better Bone Health

Tukh malanga contains magnesium and phosphorus– both are beneficial for your bone health. Moreover, it contains calcium too, an essential compound for your bone health.

Calcium also helps in muscles and nerve functioning. Therefore tukh malanga can play a role in maintaining your muscle, nerve, and bone health. Tukh malanga has more calcium than dairy products when compared to grams.

7. Reduced Free Radicals

Your body produces free radicals that cause oxidative stress in your body, hence cell damage. Antioxidants can help fight against those free radicals by scavenging them.

Tukh malanga is rich in antioxidants. Therefore they help in fighting against many diseases such as cancers, heart diseases, and cognitive decline.

8. Eases Digestive Problems

Tukh Malanga contains an ample amount of fiber, a dietary material that can help ease constipation. When you consume fiber-rich food, it absorbs water, which helps in softening your stool, hence easing the bowel movement.

Therefore if you have a complaint of chronic constipation, you must consume tukh malanga daily in an optimal amount.

Moreover, it normalizes bowel movements, which in turn, helps in the excretion of toxins through bile and stool.

9. A Good Source of Protein

You must be astonished to know that tukh malanga contains protein too. They have a much higher protein content than other plant sources. Through it, you can get a decent amount of proteins.

When trying to lose weight, consuming protein helps you in keeping full, building muscle mass, and drastically reduces cravings.

If you abstain from protein intake through animal products, then you must incorporate Tukh Malanga in your diet to get protein nutrition in your diet. This is among the best tukh malanga benefits for your health

How to Use Tukh Malanga?

Basil seeds are easy to incorporate into the diet are incredibly easy to eat. To consume basil seeds, you first need to strain them in water. When you do that, they swell, and then you can consume them in various ways.

Consume them bland if you like, or pour over pudding, put into a smoothie, or simply dissolve in a cup of milk and sip. When you do that, you will feel full and energized.

9 Tukh Malanga Benefits (تخم ملنگا) for Your Health

Tukh Malanga goes exceptionally well with Rooh Afza and milk and is a popular drink in Pakistan.

Another benefit of basil seeds is that they absorb water and fat. Therefore they can also be used in sauces to thicken them as eggs substitutes. You can find Tukh Malanga anywhere in marts, shops, or even online grocery stores.

What is Tukh Malanga Called in English?

Tukh malanga in English is also known as basil seeds. They are the seeds of the basil plant, Ocimum basilicum and are also known as sabja seeds, and tukmaria seeds. In Pakistan, basil seeds are commonly referred to as tukh malanga.

Is Tukh Malanga and Chia Seeds Same?

Tukh malanga and chia seeds are not the same. Chia seeds are the seeds of plant the chia plant, Salvia hispanica whereas tukh malanga or basil seeds come from the sweet basil plant.

Tukh Malanga Nutrition Facts

Tukh Malanga Calories

0.5 ounces or 13 grams of tukh malanga (basil seeds) has 60 calories with the following nutritional values.

Type of Nutrient Amount
Fat 2.5 grams
Carbohydrates 7 grams
Dietary fiber 7 grams
Protein 2 grams
Calcium 15% of the RDI
Iron 10% of the RDI
Magnesium 10% of the RDI


Tukh Malanga or basil seeds have various benefits for your body. Not only do they provide you enough nutrition but, also prevent many diseases.

Through its intake, you can prevent heart diseases, diabetes, insulin resistance, digestive problems, and constipation and also realize several other tukh malanga benefits.

In Pakistan, they are so easy to find. You can consume one and a half tablespoons of tukh malanga daily, twice per day. Make sure you do not end up overconsuming them as they can lead to digestive problems and low blood sugar.

You can consult with an expert nutritionist in Lahore, Karachi, or Islamabad to find out more about how tukh malanga can be beneficial for you. You can use oladoc.com to book your appointments without any hassle.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are intended to raise awareness about common health issues and should not be viewed as sound medical advice for your specific condition. You should always consult with a licensed medical practitioner prior to following any suggestions outlined in this article or adopting any treatment protocol based on the contents of this article.

Ms. Asma Zulfiqar - Author Ms. Asma Zulfiqar is a highly experienced dietitian working at Orthopaedic Medical Complex (OMC), and Surgimed Hospital in Lahore. You can book an appointment with Ms. Asma Zulfiqar using oladoc.com
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