Concor Tablet: Uses, Side Effects & Price in Pakistan

What is Concor? Concor tablet is a Bisoprolol, which is a beta-blocker. It works by altering the functioning of the heart and the blood...
Abdul Rehman
8 min read

International Overdose Awareness Day 2021: Ending the Stigma

International Overdose Awareness Day is an event held on 31st August every year worldwide. It is intended to spread awareness regarding overdose and reduce...
Abdul Rehman
3 min read

Deepika’s Descent – Drug Use and Depression

The link between drug use and depression is a strong one and even Bollywood stars can fall victim to this viscous and destructive cycle
Habiba A. Khan
3 min read

The Consumer’s Guide To Drug Interactions

With multiple medical conditions come multiple medications; many of which can react either with each other, consumed food or drink, or the body itself...
Maida (Ex. Editor)
3 min read