بائی پولر ڈس آرڈر کیا ہے؟

بائی پولر ڈس آرڈر کیا ہے؟ – Bipolar Disorder in Urdu بائی پولر آڈر ایک ایسا مرض ہے جس کا تعلق آپ کے آپ...
Abdul Rehman
5 min read

5 Best Female Psychiatrists in Islamabad

Looking for the best female psychiatrists in Islamabad? Read the article to find out all about them in detail. Psychiatrists are doctors who are...
Abdul Rehman
2 min read

Impact of Tik Tok on Mental Health Is Surprisingly…

Tik Tok has gained a lot of popularity and is becoming one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. Unlike the other social media sites,...
Habiba A. Khan
3 min read

Please Don’t Look: Introducing Cluster C Personality Disorders

Of the 10 recognized personality disorders (negative, long-term, and life-impacting changes in thoughts and behaviour), some share more similar traits than others, and are...
Maida (Ex. Editor)
2 min read

Monsters in the Closet: 5 Most Popular Phobias

An irrational and/or excessive fear of specific objects, people, or situations, phobias are among the most common psychiatric conditions worldwide, according to the American...
Maida (Ex. Editor)
1 min read